Don't Live and Breathe Advertising

I once overheard (yes, I've been known to eavesdrop) that the greatest creatives in the industry are the ones that live and breathe advertising. They are all advertising. All the time. And their friends probably want to murder them in their sleep. I don't know about you, but the idea of being about nothing but advertising makes me throw up a little in my mouth.


"But how can you say that as a copywriting infant hoping to make her mark on the world through the very industry she is shunning?" I ask myself.

Good question, self.

First of all, I am not shunning the industry. I am beyond thrilled to be starting my career in such a vast industry that is on the verge of groundbreaking change and development. I am stoked to be able to think creatively to solve real world problems, challenge social norms, and break down stereotypes. Advertising is one of many outlets for me to release my tenacious energy. But if I stopped there? If I only focused on landing a hilarious Super Bowl spot, or making a montage-tear-jerker better than that P&G Olympics one? I would be so concentrated on the end result, I would forget the purpose all together. My messages would lack any vibrance. They would be forgettable, and I would fail.

Living and breathing advertising is not the problem.

The problem is thinking that's enough.

We must live and breathe creativity in all it's forms. We must make art: movement, sculpture, melodies, brush strokes, prose. We must venture to articulate our philosophies in as many different ways as possible. It is only through our richness of endeavor and experience that we will find the insights that make great advertising.

In my opinion, anyway.