Megyn Kelly is the Worst.

If you didn't see Megyn Kelly's interview with Stephen Colbert, here's an article. Read it. Now that you're up to speed, here's how I feel about it:

If you think you can be a strong female and place yourself on an equal playing field with men without using the term feminism and attacking the stereotypes head on, you are kidding yourself.

"Well, I don’t like that word: feminist, I think it’s alienating ... The best answer and the best way forward to young women out there who want to get ahead is work your tail off. Work harder than everybody. Be better than everybody else. Do better. Try harder." - Megyn Kelly.

Oh she makes it sound so easy, doesn't she? What planet does she live on and how can I become a resident?

What Kelly fails to address is that working harder means so much more when you are a woman. Men are competing with men. End of story. Women are competing with women, and men, who are already seen as more qualified just by virtue of having untidy, protruding, in-your-face genitalia. (Penises are gross, we all know it, lets just keep it real, aight?) Why do you think there are rules in co-ed rec leagues about how many women have to be on the field? How many women have to touch the ball for a TD to count? Because men don't see women as a viable threat to their game of life.

Kelly clearly doesn't understand that the word feminism should be alienating. It should threaten the status quo, it should shock the system, and it should be a slap in the face to anyone who doesn't think vaginas deserve equal playing time. That's the fucking point of the movement.

She goes on to say the word "connotes a harshness and almost a shrillness that I find unattractive." I'm sorry... what? Unattractive? Political movements are not pretty. Shrillness? Standing up for what you believe in, speaking your mind, taking on the system and abolishing antiquated gender roles is not a high-pitched squeal. It is a ferocious roar. Deep and visceral. Meant to shake the earth.

So, Ms. Kelly, to say that you can just keep your head down and do the best work you can do, and not use the word 'feminist' because it's alienating, is to say that every woman is on her own in this world. It might work for you, but what are you doing for the rest of womankind? You've got a microphone and a captive audience and you're really going to tell me to just buckle down and be the best I can be? To just tell myself "well, this is the way the world is so I better make the most of it." To tell myself that if I didn't get the promotion, or the credit for the work I did, or pay equal to my worth, that I just need to be better? With all due respect, Ms. Kelly, Fuck. That.