Females are strong as hell. Truer words have never been spoken.We bleed for 5 days in a row and don't die. We push small humans out of our bodies, sometimes more than once. We wear heels.


But Kimmy isn't the only survivor. Titus escaped Mississippi. Jacqueline, a loveless marriage and the oppressive pressures of having to "keep up appearances." I know, it feels like a stretch, but everyone has their own unique struggle and every unique struggle is valid in its own way.

Sure, a bunker may seem like a real tangible prison, but being a gay black man in a southern town, or a "poor" divorcé in a world of wealthy couples is its own kind of hell, each with its own set of challenges. What unites them all, is their coping mechanism: present to the world the face you want them to see and save the tears for the dark. Which is what women have been doing for ages anyway, right?

Every woman on this planet is part Kimmy, part Titus and part Jacqueline. All at once. Every. Damn. Day.

We are Kimmy when we put other's needs before our own. When we find joy in the mundane. When we accept everyone as they are and love them for it. When we laugh because if we don't, we'll cry. When we struggle between being nice and being a doormat.

We are Titus when we follow our dreams. When we say "fuck Broadway" and make our own musicals. When we say yes to a love that might tear us apart. When we are scared because life is amazing and we are just waiting for everything to fall to pieces like it always does.

We are Jacqueline when we try to fit in. When we do everything in our power to get ahead and put our needs before anyone else's. When we fall victim to cruelty and depend too much on other's validation. When we are lonely. When try desperately to stop caring what everyone thinks but find it near impossible. When we are insecure and terrified and not sure where we belong.

Those parts fight with each other inside of us. We are always caring but selfish. Kind but cruel. Lonely but in love. There's a war zone inside all of us all the time. And we need all of those parts to survive. Kimmy to keep us positive. Titus to keep us dreaming. And Jaqueline to keep us from getting walked all over.

And sometimes, as much as we try to avoid it, we are all Mimi Kanasis and we just hide in a closet and wait for the storm to pass.

Peace, love and survival.