Kate Mckinnon. Kate Mckinnon. Kate Mckinnon.

I've taken the liberty of listing the top 5 reasons Kate Mckinnon is the best thing to happen to women in comedy since Carol Burnett. And no, I don't mean Matt Damon's character on 30 Rock.

  1. She is openly gay. No, I'm not saying you have to be gay to be funny as a woman. In fact, her gayness doesn't define her comedy at all. It's what being open about her sexuality means about her as a person that allows her to be the comedian she is. Her confidence and willingness to put it all on the line, no matter what people think, makes her a force to be reckoned with.
  2. She does't apologize. Her comedy is blatant and straightforward. Her unique characters are not meek, gentle or dumb. They say what they mean and do whatever the fuck they want. And it's not under the guise of "being one of the boys" either. She's just a badass.
  3. She doesn't capitalize on her femininity. She doesn't make fun of her body, or any other woman's body. She doesn't "get away with jokes" because she's cute and small and feminine. She gets away with jokes because she is actually hilarious and doesn't mask her intelligence or humor with sex. Her characters don't find themselves in sticky situations because of their female blunders. And they don't need rescuing, they rescue themselves.
  4. She doesn't make rape jokes. Because a) they're not funny, b) they're not funny, and c) she has enough self-respect and respect for women to know that even when they come out of a woman's mouth, jokes about rape and sexual assault are never funny. (Lookin' at you Amy Schumer. Cut it out.)
  5. Her face. Next time you watch her, really look at her face. Even when she's not speaking. The amount of facial expressions this woman has is unreal. Delivering lines with impeccable comedic timing is one thing, but this woman can crack me up without a single word.

So yeah, I think she's pretty great. And if you're reading this, Kate, maybe we could like... hang out some time? I'm like really cool so... Alright well, have your people call my people.