#CircusForum: Dave Canning

There has yet to be a #CircusForum - Yes, I have updated my hashtag. It seems that our friendly competitor, while a much younger program, has usurped our right to that tag. Luckily they are not hard to come by. As I was saying,

- There has yet to be a #CircusForum that has left me anything but inspired. Last Friday was no exception. Dave Canning, Executive Creative Director at 180 Amsterdam, is (drum roll please) a #CreativeCircus grad! Proving once again that there is indeed hope for us freaks after all. Doing work, and hilarious work I might add, for big time clients like ESPN, Southern Comfort, and The Climate Name Change, Canning displayed his own skewed world perspective in a brand-right and unpretentious way.

Like every #CircusForum, we were flooded with a plethora of quasi pep-talk advice. Everything from "Be authentically you" and "don't follow the money," to "only use a case study video if it is absolutely necessary." (Between you and me, I don't even know what the fuck a case study video is so... we're good in that department.) Let's not forget the ever essential "work harder than everyone else and be nice." Like yeah, we get it. Don't be a dick. noted.

I was noshing wheat thins and hummus, texting my boo about hotel reservations and halfway paying attention - not that what Canning was saying wasn't completely valid info, but... I had heard it all before - then I heard this: "I look for great print ads in student books." Wait... WHAT? Everybody shut up.

I thought print was dead. Truthfully. Who reads anymore? It's all GIFs and Clips and hilarious, non-sequitur  TV spots. But here's this #AdHero, ECD at one of the top agencies in the world, telling me (yes, he was talking directly to me) that he looks for print in student books and do you know why? Because a great print ad will translate into any other medium your little heart could possibly desire. YAS. #YASCanning.

A great print ad is the conceptual umbrella under which all your other media executions live. If your ad doesn't translate to web, TV, radio, outdoor, interactive, well then... it's not a great ad. #sorrynotsorry.

Thank you, Dave Canning, for restoring my faith in print work and giving validation to literally everything I've been working on this quarter. Coming soon to a Panel near you!

And now, #selfie: