August: Osage County

I know I'm late to the party so I will not give a synopsis. I will not beg you to see it. I will simply say: Meryl. Fucking. Streep. And the Oklahoma plains. And the heat. And tortured souls galore. And Benedict Cumberbatch. And Julia goddamned Roberts! Just... the most honest family movie maybe ever made. Though "This is Where I Leave You" is pretty spot on as well. Tracy Letts, good GOD man. To be a nerve in your brain... just watching everything connect to create raw genius. And now a poem.

November: Fulton County | August: Osage County

I want to live on the oklahoma plains Wide open and hot as hell A head full of holes.

Beat up jeans A soul made of dust.

I’ll get by.

Messy hair And an iron heart covered in dents and scratches Welded so recklessly Aint one single thing getting inside

But the most beautiful pair of cowboy boots

Sewn together All of us Don’t apologize for nothing

I’ll get by

Good, kind and decent.

Bubble gum tastes like cigarettes and Xanax And green bean casserole

When everything’s gone; Disappeared.

I’ll get by.

Fields full of lavender Stretched out for miles And no place to go.