The Malice of Alice

Earlier this evening, or I should say yesterday evening as it is currently 1:16am, I had the pleasure of attending a gallery event at The Circus. The beautiful Kelly Lewis and her equally stunning daughter Alice, worked as a bad-ass duo to create haunting, captivating, charming, alluring and downright mind-bending photographs. Alice had more poise and life in her eyes than I've seen in most adults, and I watch a lot of ANTM. She seemed to look straight through the lens with such grace, even as live tarantulas crawled in her hair. (I'm not joking, look it up.) Capturing everything from Margot Tenenbaum to Joan of Arc, they created images that truly transported the viewer. Fixed them there, suspended in time, real or fictional. Until they finally got the courage to look away. I could rant and rave for pages upon pages about how amazing the work was, but I wouldn't do it justice. Please, please, check it out for yourselves. Buy something. Support their art and their story. Alice was adopted by Kelly and her husband when she was 7. Not a dewy baby, not a toddler with eyes aglow, a 7 year old girl with a mind and opinions, thoughts and a voice to speak them all with. Do you know how rare that is!? Do you know what a brave and courageous commitment that is?! To hear them speak about the work they do and the inspiration they bring to each other is truly, well, inspiring.

I am now more thrilled than ever to attend The Circus. To be a part of a community that grows and nurtures and prunes and primes it's students to create work that not only resonates, it thrills... again, I have no words.

I have a feeling I'm going to be wordless a lot over the next two years.

Thank you Kelly and Alice. With all my heart.