Quarter 1, Week 1, John Matejczyk Because this is my first Friday Forum post, I will take two seconds to explain what Friday Forum is before I dive in: Friday Forum is a mandatory seminar for all Creative Circus students. Each week a prominent industry figure is brought in to talk to all of us freaks about their journey, give us insight and answer questions.

Starting his career in sweet home Chicago, John made his--- oh who am I kidding, I'm not a biographer! John Matejczyk. Look him up.

Matejczyk, as many creatives, is engaging, dry-witted, and full of insight. He is also youthful, ridiculously humble and modest, with a unexpected air of progress. He's been in, and out, and back in again, and out again, of agencies all over the country which turned him round and round until he landed in San Francisco at Muh-Tay-Zik|Hof-Fer. But he has yet to stop moving. Like a spinning top, he stays in constant motion while planted in one place.

Not only has Matejzcyk produced outstanding work before the creation of his own agency, but he has lead a fearless team to create hilarious (and sweet) work for stellar clients like Netflix, Golden State Warriors, and Zoosk as well as insightful, interactive, and downright powerful (not to mention award winning) work for Made In A Free World: Slavery Footprint. To me, the latter is the most impressive. Everyone loves a funny ad, but to be able to create a campaign that is interactive, engaging and an honest call to action for a company that does truly inspiring work is something worth talking about.

Ultimately though, #FridayForum isn't about the guest speaker. Okay, it is, because they are #AdHeros who inspire students like me to think bigger, and in color, but what #FridayForum is really about... well I don't know that I can sum it up in words, but I'll try:

Sitting in the theater, amongst all the other freaks, I felt an invigorating energy. Like we were all brothers and sisters, and our dad called a family meeting to tell us about all the wonderful things we are going to accomplish in our lives. I know that sounds super duper cheesy cheese-balls, but it's true. It's not a lecture or a Q&A. It's a conversation. Granted, one person seems to be doing most of the talking, but that doesn't mean both sides aren't actively participating. #FridayForum is a glimpse into our future as creatives. It's a chance to see all the possibilities from new perspectives.

Each forum will be a different view from a unique window. Because this was my first, my view was of the other freaks in the room. Of course Matejczyk was full of tips and guiding principles, which I diligently noted in my sketchbook, but today my sightline was focused on the exclusive opportunity in front of us Circus freaks, and the crack in the door that we are going to push wider and wider until we run right through it.

Thank you, and #selfie.