Ideal Parental Guidance

As creatives, we're always after the elusive "big idea." That one beautiful thought that is going to launch you into advertising stardom, if that's even a thing. We are frantically writing and collecting ideas like desperate women trying to get pregnant before they run out of eggs. Like every idea that falls out of our head might be our last. We don't care who it's with or where it comes from, we just want an idea-baby and we want it now. But before you go decorating the nursery, maybe you should find a mate. Sure, there are women out there (and men too, I'm sure) who want to be single idea-parents. Bonkers. Ideas, like children, are wild. They have minds of their own. They will run amok and wreak havoc if not contained. They need to be nurtured, and guided to the path of righteousness. Yeah, some still turn out to be pieces of trash, but what can you do? Get a partner, or 2 or 3, that's what you can do.

Find someone to go through the hard times with. Someone who will offer advice and perspective when you can barely see straight. Someone to tell you, "yeah, that idea is trash," and help you drop it off at the proverbial fire station. Or, "that idea is awesome, let's grow it into an even better one." You need a sounding board, a trash bucket, a shit ton of blank paper, an eraser, and a gold star. You need a partner in crime that is going to see you from conception, through birth, and all the way to college graduation. Because ideas, like babies, always turn out better if there's more than one person involved.

Basically what I'm trying to say is, no one can do this alone. Gold ideas do not spring from single minds. They are raised by a village of involved parents who will stop at nothing to protect, develop, and sometimes mercifully slaughter, the lifeless goo that seeps out of your noggin called an idea. Different people have different minds which offer new views, experiences, and ways of thinking. Go find your village.

peas, lurve, and idea-babies.